Scheduling Conflicts!

It seems lately no matter how well I plan out my day something always gets in the way or runs over! My entire town is under construction…which might be an exaggeration…but also isn’t when you think about it. Driving anywhere right now takes at least 20 minutes longer than it normally does. With my crazy retail schedule I get one weekday off each week and 2 full weekends off each month so my time for running errands is limited to say the least. I’m so thankful to be on a break from school…it’s only 2 weeks long, but I’ll take what I can get!

I’m trying to get back into a routine of posting, but sometimes I feel like my time for crafting is so limited that I would rather do that than post about it…I’m sure most of you understand that! I have a class/workshop tomorrow that I created 5 or 6 (I’m still creating!) projects for…I’ll try to take pictures of them while everyone is creating them at class so I can post about them…deal?…deal!

I’ve uploading my most recent newsletter under the newsletter tab and I’ll be mailing some out to my e-mail free friends! If you want a copy sent to you by e-mail or snail mail please let me know I’d be happy to send one along! Thanks for stopping by today! 

Happily Ever After


I made this black and white wedding card for our good friends Stephanie and Artur for their wedding the first weekend of August. This card turned out super cute and I’m going to add this layout to my Etsy shop!

Later this week or early next week I will also be adding the invitations and other stationary I made for Stephanie and Artur’s wedding day! Everything turned out better than I could have imagined and I can’t wait to share the pictures with everyone!

Want to See What I’ve Been Up too?

By far 2014 has been my busiest year in such a long time. I started this year taking 3 classes when I normally only take 2 while working. On top of my full time job, part time schooling, and my new demonstratorship with Stampin’ Up! I decided that I wanted to help make my Godson’s 4th birthday party his best yet! He wanted a Paw Patrol themed birthday party, Paw Patrol is a show on Nick, Jr. and I have no idea what the show is actually about!

Because this show is new there wasn’t much (read: any) merchandise available in the party supplies section at any stores around me so I made it all!


In the above picture (sorry it’s a little blurry) I made 21 rosettes for the banner, 40+ rosettes for the cookie cups, 12 rosettes for the center pieces, and several rosettes to hang from the ceiling. The letters in the banner were printed in yellow ink on white cardstock and then I cut each one of them out! I then used foam tape to connect the letters to glittery blue circles I cut out and then attached to the red rosettes.


I made stickers to put on the center piece buckets and on the pinwheels. Also on the tables I made confetti out of pictures of the characters to sprinkle on all of the tables.


On the day before his party my Godson mentioned that he wanted his chair decorated so I had to quickly come up with something cute! I bought silver and green balloons and a green plastic table clothe. I simply cut down the size of the table clothes and attached the balloons to the chair. I also printed a shield of his favorite character Rocky to make his chair more special.

The prep for this his birthday party started just after his little brothers first birthday party in February. We celebrated the last week of March. All of our hard work and planning paid off by making a very specially little boys birthday so special!

I’m planning to show you more of what I’ve been up to since I dropped of the face of the internet!

Paper Pumpkin Demo Day!


I’m so excited to announce my first ever FREE Stampin’ Up! event! On Monday, June 30, 2014 I am inviting everyone I know over to enjoy some fun and festive (think 4th of July-Independence Day!) Paper Pumpkin crafting! I’m calling this event Paper Pumpkin Demo Day because I want everyone to see all of the amazing possibilities that can be created with the monthly subscription of a Paper Pumpkin kit.

My kit just arrived in the mail! I’m so excited to start sharing it with all of my friends, but I don’t want to give away all of my surprises so I’m only going to post pictures of the kit. You will have to come to my event or check in afterwards to see the amazingly creative projects we make!


Each month when your Paper Pumpkin box arrives in your mailbox you will open it to find a neatly wrapped craft project and a special little pumpkin note to thank you for your subscription.


Once you open that first layer of Soft Sky tissue paper you will see some of the supplies you need to participate in a 30 minute creative escape! In this kit I got a Night of Navy Stampin’ Spot, a 3 piece Photopolymer Stamp Set, and several sheets of Mini Glue Dots.


Finally, when you tear open that last layer of tissue paper you get to see the good stuff. All of the supplies you will need to create a great project. In this kit I got 24 (yes you read that right, twenty-four) pinwheels, brads, paper clips, straws, and cellophane bags! It’s amazing the amount of goodies that are jam packed into this box!

Want in on this awesome monthly box of goodies! There are several ways to do this! My personal favorite way is to SUBSCRIBE to Paper Pumpkin with a month-to-month subscription or a prepaid subscription! My second favorite way is to come to my event, Paper Pumpkin Demo Day!

I hope to see you soon!

Yay! It’s Finally Here!

Happy New Catalog Day! I know this post is a little late, but I was so excited by all of the awesome new product between the covers that I lost track of time making my wish list!

You can review an electronic copy of the catalog here, but what’s even better is you can get one in person on June 6th at my catalog open house. I’m so excited to show off some of the new and excited tools we have been given to continue to inspire, create, and share this love of paper crafting!

2014-2015 InspireCreateShare


Playing With My New Toys

Each month I get together with my Upline and all of her other Downlines. It’s really fun, we share different projects we’ve been working on and bounce ideas off of each other. One of the best parts of our meeting is swapping cards. This is the card I created for the swap.

4.24 Swap

I followed last weeks Freshly Made Sketch and I used all new products from the 2014-2015 Stampin’ Up! Catalog and Idea Book. I can’t wait for everyone to get there hands on these great new products. Once the catalog launches I will add a supplies list below and repost so everyone can try there awesome new products.

Thanks for visiting today!

I’ve Been Busy

Every time I have a week day off of work I have a super long “To Do” list around the house and down in my craft room. I generally don’t get everything on my list done and it carries over. I always have big plans for planning out my blog posts, but lately I haven’t been able to post as I have planned.

Here are a few things I have been working on:


I had 2 Etsy orders that needed to be filled. Each one of the orders had 2 cards in the order and all of them had to be made from scratch. I love filling Etsy orders and I love sharing my crafts with everyone.

2 of the cards ordered where exactly like the cards listed on Etsy, but 2 of them were completely new and exciting. The first a Graduation card and the second a wedding card.


I like creating custom cards. I also enjoy when customers want to add their own personal touch of their loved ones name or a special date.


I have so much fun coloring these cards. Thanks for stopping by today and taking a look at what I’ve been up too! I’m hoping to have more blog posts to share with everyone soon!

Retirement Blowout Sale!


It’s always exciting to see what sets are going to retired and what the new catalog will bring! I can’t wait for everyone to see the new catalog and all of the amazing new products that Stampin’ Up! is offering, but first we have to bid adieu to some great products!

What’s better than taking advantage of the opportunity to get these great products one last time than to get them on SALE!


Click on the icon to be taken directly to my site and get items retiring from the Stampin’ Up! line up now before they are gone for good. These items are first come, first serve so place your order ASAP!

Thanks for visiting today!

**Quick Edit: I wrote this post last night before the sale went live. I would not have called this a blowout sale and frankly I’m disappointed that SU! did. SELECT retiring merchandise is on sale for up to 50% off it’s original price. Maybe they will add more items as the clock ticks down to June 4th.

Paper Pumpkin Special

I’m so excited to share this great deal with everyone!

AprilPPFrame MayPPFathersDay2 MayPPHappyBirthday

Above are pictures of the April and May paper pumpkin kits from Stampin’ Up! I love getting this kit each month in the mail. It’s the best kind of surprise a crafting enthusiast could wish for. Paper Pumpkin is usually a monthly subscription, but right now for the next 2 days you can try it for one month RISK free and 50% off!

That’s right, the Paper Pumpkin June kit is available for 50% off now through Friday, May 23!

Go to

Use the code SHELLIDEAL

Also choose me, Caroline Peck, as your demonstrator!

I’m so excited to extend this offer to everyone! I can’t wait for you to receive your kit and for you to enjoy a 30 minute creative escape. There are so many great benefits with Paper Pumpkin! You get all of the supplies you need to the designed project, but you also get a great stamp set you can use on other projects!

Thanks for visiting today, I hope to see you again soon!