Down to Business

I’m so excited to share my new business cards with everyone.  This summer I made some Bachelorette Party invitations for a friend. She suggested that I get a  stamp or something to put on the back of my cards I make for my friends and family so they can order cards or refer others to order cards from me. So shortly after she left that day I started looking for the perfect custom stamp.  After careful planning and consideration of many different stamps I ordered this beautifully crafted stamps on Etsy from Jennifer at I recommend you visit her site to see all of her other beautiful quality products!

I love Etsy! I think it’s awesome that there is one website that crafters all over the world can come together and sell their hand made products to the masses. I myself have an etsy site, you can visit me at There you can purchase custom made cards and soon I’ll upload some of the cards you’ve seen here for purchase. If you see something on my blog that you love, but don’t see it available on my Etsy site please feel free to contact me on either site. I’m happy to create beautiful hand crafted projects for everyone!


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