My Blog is 1 Month Old Today!

Hey Everyone! Just a quick little note about my blog today…It’s 1 month old! If you go back through the archives you’ll see that posts start on August 11, well that’s because I made a typo when creating my blog and had to switch to a “new” on for contiguity. With that being said, I’m officially deleting the other blog today so that I only have 1 to keep up with.

Also in the next couple of days I’ll be posting all the cards that I’ve made (except the ones I sent out to friends and family) this past month on Etsy. You can visit my Etsy site to buy pre-made cards or request custom made cards. Etsy is the best invention for crafters! I haven’t sold much, but I do know that everyone has loved the cards I’ve sold them and I love that my customers are happy!

Happy September!


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