I whipped this up…

I’ve been wanting to try making a tutorial to post on my blog. I’m not handy with a video camera and I dislike the sound of my voice on recordings, so I created this picture tutorial. I  hope everyone finds it helpful and useful. Here is how I like to paper piece:

Step 1: I choose and stamp my image onto card stock. In this case I chose Curious Metallics Cyrogen White using Momento Tuxedo Black Ink. I’ve only ever done paper piecing with stamped images, but one day I plan to conquer my fears and paper piece a digital image.

Step 2: I stamp my chosen patterned papers with the parts of the image I want to paper piece. In this case I used October Afternoon’s Modern Homemaker 8×8 pad. I made little notes on the picture to show you which pattern I used for which parts on the final image. When I ink my image I try to only ink the section I am going to use this way I don’t waste paper or ink. I’m done stamping now so I clean off my stamp and put it away. I’ve been known to “misplace” clear stamps before…yikes!

Step 3: Next I color the skin on my image. I use E11 and E00 for most of my faces and skin. I add R20 for the cheeks. I do this on my main image and also on any other piece I would need to cut out.

As you can see I color her arm and hand on both images. I don’t know why I do this, but I always seem to color extra part that will be covered by paper pieces. I also just now realized I didn’t color her neck…opps!

While I have my markers out I also color any other parts of my image that don’t have patterned paper pieces wait for them. I colors her pants with E31 and E33, her shoes with C5 and C7, and her hair with E53, her headband with R24, and the spoon and batter with E21 and E34. I’m done coloring for now so all markers go back in there containers. I like having a clean space to work in…you wouldn’t know that if you saw my desk!

Step 4: Now it’s time to cut! I’ve trimmed all my pieces to smaller parts and now I will diligently cut out all of the part.

If you look closely you will see I didn’t cut out her hand yet. In the past I’ve lost the little parts so I wait until I’ve ready to glue it on before I cut it out. Also you’ll notice that the apron isn’t perfectly cut out…don’t worry that part gets covered up.

Step 5: I begin to glue. I use Zip Dry Paper Glue for most of my paper crafting projects. I like that the glue is clear, you don’t need to use much, and it drys quickly. You’ll see in this picture that I’ve attached the apron and the bowl.  You can see that I covered up the part of the apron that wasn’t perfectly cut out. I will do the same with the bowl…covering up her hands and the spoon and batter.

All done! Now it’s time to assemble the card and put all the finishing touches on this beautiful image.

I made this card for the MFTGUESTDT0912 design team challenge. It’s so much fun to play along with all the great challenges different teams and companies have on the web. I hope everyone enjoys my creations as much as I enjoy creating them!


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