Busy Busy Bee

I have had a very busy past few weeks. I started classes during the last week of August on top of my full time retail job. This semester I am taking 3 classes which is a stretch for me since I usually only take 2 classes that each meet one day a week. Above my busy course load I’ve added a new gym routine and bicycle ride schedule. No mater what we want to do during the hours we have each day there come a few things that we have to do. Jordan and I have a 5 year our Airedale Terrier named Sophie. A few weeks ago we noticed she was acting differently, a little sluggish and not as playful as she normally is. We took her to the vet who determined she had an infection. The vet didn’t give a specific name to the infection, but gave us some antibiotics which should have cleared up the infection.

After 14 days of antibiotics we took Sophie back to the vet to be re-checked. We were hoping that this course would have cleared up this infection, but unfortunately she had gotten worse. So the vet suggested having a radio-graph done to get a picture of what could be going on inside. After a short wait we discovered that our poor little puppy has bladder stones. Which are common in dogs her age and could happen for a number of different reasons. Once over the initial shock we heard the Drs suggestions for treatment and made our decision of the best course of action.

This morning I had Jordan drop Sophie off at the vets office to be prepared for bladder stone removal surgery. I was too sad to go, plus I don’t want her to hate me! I’ll go to pick her up when her surgery is over, she’ll know who came to rescue her! We love our puppy like she is our child and we would do anything to keep her safe and healthy. We are hoping that once the stones are removed that they can be sent to a lab in California for tests that will determine what caused them to form. Once we get those results back we will be able to alter her diet or do what ever is needed to make sure they don’t form again.

I have a long day ahead of me today! I plan on keeping myself distracted by homework and paper crafts. This week I have 2 birthdays, next week I have 1 birthday, and the following week a homecoming to celebrate with great cards! I am up for the challenge!


One thought on “Busy Busy Bee

  1. I have Wednesday’s off from work which is when I do most of my paper crafting, homework, and house work. Today I have been a total mess! I got a few things done, but it has not been nearly as successful as most Wednesdays. We just called the vet and Sophie is just starting to come out of the anesthesia. We will call back in a few hours to see when we can go get her!

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