Number 1

I shared with you a few days ago the card I had made for my God Son for his second birthday. While I was cleaning up my desktop the other day I found a picture of the card I made for him for his first birthday.


To make this card I simple cut my cardstock to become a 5×7 card (unfolded it’s 7×10). I scored the middle and folded the card in half. Using a simple ruler and pencil I went to work creating the cut lines. I can’t remember my exact measurements, but this part was very simple. I followed the same technique on the back side of the patterned paper as well.

This little boy loved (and still loves) anything with wheels. So I thought this patterned paper was perfect. I don’t know where it is from or if I even have any of it left! I highlighted some of the vehicles by using color matching stickles. I used foam letters to spell out happy birthday. Inside I made a little envelope to hold some cash we gave along with the gift we gave him.

I’ll start planning his Christmas card soon. I make something different for him than everyone else I send cards to because he is so special. Stay tuned for that crafty creation!


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