Over the last few days I have been so blessed and slightly busy.

First on Thursday Jordan and I met up with a few friends at a small-ish Irish pub in Detroit to have dinner and drinks before the Eric Church concert at Joe Louis Arena. We road their cute little green bus to the arena just in time to catch the show.

We snapped this picture before heading in to the arena! It’s a little dark, but everyone knows where we are at! We were very touristy and asked a by-stander to take our picture so everyone could be in the shot.

Next while inside we grabbed a few drinks and split up to find our seats!

While we were waiting for Eric Church to take the stage we were entertained by Justin Moore. One of the things I love about country music is that the artist are such amazing performers. I’ve heard Justin’s music on the radio and his songs are good, but his performance was on fire!

He definately go the crowd ready for Eric Church!

Ahhhhhh!!!! So awesome! The concert was so electric and exciting and went on forever! We had so much fun singing and dancing along to all the songs. I’m ready for the next tour season to begin! Our list of great acts that we want to see is getting pretty long these days.

On Friday…We got Sophies stitches removes. Although it wasn’t an exciting event like the concert, we are very happy that our puppy is happy, healthy, and all healled from her surgery.

Then on Saturday…We headed to Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. We had a quick stop up in GR to sell one of Jordan’s car’s that he had been hording. Now we are down to two reliable everyday vehicles, one fast and fun toy, and a classic car that’s waiting for restoration. After GR we headed back to Kalamazoo to tailgate at the homecoming football game with my WMU Bronco Skating Team Alumni!

There isn’t a better group of ladies out there…although we are missing a few, their spirit is definately with us! I can’t wait to catch up with everyone again next year! I’m sure we will see each other during the competive skating season a few times. I’ll be at Dr. Porter, because I’ve never missed one since starting synchro in high school. I’ll also be at Nationals, becuase it’s close by as well and who would want to miss such a display of talent…not this girl!

Now that I’m home with a little time to update everyone on my fun adventures I realize how much fun and excitement I have had over the past few days. I can’t wait for what the rest of this year has instore for me!


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