I’m back…

Thank you for visiting me today and I apologize for the “radio” silence for most of October. I just got a little overwhelmed with all of my commitments during the last two and a half weeks.  Between my full time job and part-time plus schooling I have been wiped out at the end of the week.  Not to mention the Tigers post season action keeping me up to the wee hours of the night!

As many of you have read I do most of my stamping and crafting on Wednesdays while I am off work. The past two Wednesdays I have been watch my 2 year old God Son during the day. And the Wednesday before that I spent 6 hours changing my hair color! Everything that has taken me away from my stamping and crafting in the last two weeks has been completely worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing, but I miss my creative outlet!

Today I have to share with you the Christmas cards I made for my skating friends last year. A little background: I have been a nationally and internationally competitive figure skater for 9 years as a member of a synchronized skating team, before that I was a singles skater where I mostly completed at local competitions and built my skills at testing sessions. During the 2002-2003 competitive season I skated with the Ann Arbor Hockettes. The Hockettes were founded by Dr. Richard Porter and were the first synchronized skating team (back then they called it precision). I also skated with several of my team mates as an adult in 2008. From 2003-2007 and again from 2010-2012 I skated with the Western Michigan University Synchronized Skating Teams as a collegiate and adult skater. With both teams I won various medals and awards, but my favorite part was being a member of a team and building lasting friendships.

I made these cards for the WMU Alumni team last year. Each skater received a personalized card matching their hair color as closely as possible. I used my favorite Mojo Monday sketch from August 2011 for these cards and plan to use this sketch over and over and over again! I LOVE IT!

I’m pretty sure this was also the time I discovered my love for My Minds Eye papers! I loved this collection of Christmas papers so much that I’ve had a hard time finding papers that I like just as well. I have picked up both of the current MME Christmas themed papers and had some creative success with both, but not like this pack! I believe that my 6×6 paper pack has about 3 full sheets left and I ordered nearly every pattern in 12×12 3 or 4 times over! This is also the first card I used bakers twine on. I ordered the maraschino red twine directly from thetwinery.com. I have sooooo much red twine!

Although I don’t have nearly as many cards to send out this year as I did last year, I am still looking forward to creating and sharing them. I haven’t been terribly inspired by many of the holiday stamps that I have seen so far this year. I may have to dig deep into my stash to create projects that I’m proud to give away. I have 5 Wednesdays until the deadline I have given myself to have all of my Christmas cards finished and ready to be mailed out. That’s a little scary! I better get to work!


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