Uptown Girls

Before MFT Stamps brought out the a la modes collection I was a huge fan of Bella’s from Stamping Bella. This line is called Uptown Girls and it’s also from Stamping Bella. I made this card for a Bachelorette Party. I think these little party girls are so much fun, but they pose a challenge to many stampers…they are big stamps!

I typically make cards in the A2 size, sometimes A6, and lately a lot of square cards between 4-5.5 inches. This card I believe fits into a standard A10 envelope…if I have my measurements right, it’s slightly smaller than a business class envelope.

I’ve purchased a few more of the Uptown Girls and look forward to sharing my creations with you. Also I’ve picked up some TGF Anya’s that are pretty big and The Girlfriends collection (I can’t remember who they are by) that are larger too…we’ll see how “big” my cards get! Speaking of purchases…I couldn’t fight my urges and made a purchase from MFT during their 50% of retirement sale (going on until Nov. 20 I believe). I can’t wait for my new stuff to arrive, maybe it will be here for Wednesday Crafting!


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