Merry Christmas!!

Super excited about Christmas! As I’ve likely alluded to, but never officially come out with it…I work retail. I don’t particularly like retail, but it pays the bills and allows me a slightly flexible schedule so I can continue my education (with the help of my employer). Because of my retail job I really dislike December (not the holiday season, just the month in general). This year was even worse because I had three finals in the second week. I had to keep to a very strict scheduled in order to get my class work done, study for my finals, and meet all my other commitments. I planned each day out meticulously so I wouldn’t get behind on anything…unfortunately the weather was playing tricks on my body and I suffered from migraines and headaches throughout the entire month. I did manage to find some time for crafting throughout the month and I look forward to sharing those with you over the next few days. But first I wanted to share a few of my new toys and presents with you!

I am in love with holidays and theme parties. I plan a gathering with a group of friends every year around Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day so I can theme everything red, white, and blue! This year for Christmas my mom made me a quilted table runner. She also gave me some adorable red star dotted plates and some tiny buckets for utensils or napkins.


Also as I’ve mentioned on posts before is that my boyfriend and I have become wino’s in the past few years. My brother gave us this awesome aerator set. We don’t drink reds very much, but I think this gives us an excuse to start!


And finally for the GRAND finally…Mom and Dad co-gifted this lovely embossing/dye cutting machine some of you may have heard of…The Grand Calibur from Spellbinders. Yay! I’m super excited to use this! I have a stack of inspiration just waiting to be dug into. I also got three different Grand Nesties to go with it!



I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and I look forward to sharing all my December crafts with you all!


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