The Good Ol’ Days

The other day I was looking through all the cards I have accumulated over the past few years hoping to come across something that was worthy of sharing with you. I learned that I have come a long way from where I started.

I’ll likely split this reveal into a few posts, since I did find a few cards that I can remember thinking “wow, this is a really great looking card”, when I made it! It’s interesting to see how our talent and eye changes over the years.

Please keep in mind that it is likely that 95% of these cards are CASED or flat out copies of cards I’ve seen of SCS. It’s been ages since I made them, so if you see a card that looks like yours please feel free to comment and I will add credit where it is due.

#1: I made this card after watching a Make A Card Monday video on Kristina Werner’s blog. I had forgotten I had that heart shaped punch (look for it in the future) and I have now idea where that sentiment came from, but I do know the background and the ink I used (vintage cream from PTI…I bought it for this card).


#2: I remember seeing this card on SCS and thinking how awesome it would be to make and give to someone who really loved basketball. I know very few people who are that into basketball, but still I had to make this card. I’ve decided that I could probably make a football card with this technique and maybe baseball too…ooooh the inspiration I am getting from this fun little game!


#3: I’m pretty sure this was the second (ever) Christmas card I made and sent out to all my friends and family. This was pre-stickles and I remember using regular clear glitter glue over the colored letters to achieve the colored sparkles look. Oh how I enjoy the ease of use with stickles.


Memory lane is pretty fun and I’ve gotten a few good ideas to try too! Stay tuned I have a few more to share!


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