The Good Ol’ Days-Part 2

Here are a few more cards from my early collection.

#4: I can’t exactly remember why I made this card, but I do remember I made a couple different versions of this card. Maybe I intended to send out Thanksgiving cards that year. I also remember that there was DP you could buy that had the multi-colored leaves on it similar to how I stamped my leaves…that would have been much easier!


#5: Okay so this card isn’t actually that old. I’m pretty sure I made it for Easter 2012. I just really love this chick paper…I think I bought 4 12×12 sheets of it.


#6: I made several of these sympathy cards around the time a friends mother passed away. I kept making them over because I never felt like I had one that was good enough to send to my friend. Looking back this is a beautiful card so I hope I sent my friend one that was equally as pretty.


Thanks so looking in today! Remember many of these cards are from ages ago and I cannot remember is they are CASED or even copied. If you see a card that looks similar to one of yours please comment and I’d be happy to give credit where it is due!


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