Taste The Passion

Okay, here are some shots from our wine tasting weekend on the Leelanau Peninsula. I’ll share a couple of the stops we made with everyone. I still highly recommend if you are looking for a weekend get away take a tour of the wine trail!


Our starting winery was Black Star Farms. We tasted a pinot noir that was paired with a white chocolate pistachio truffle pop (super rich, but very yummy). Jordan and I aren’t especially interested in red wine, but I enjoy the pairings that are offered because I wouldn’t try (or buy) these wines on my own.

Next we stopped at The Boathouse Winery, which is new to the wine trail. Taste was there first event.


Here we were served a pinot noir with a chocolate chili brownie pop. We were excited to try more here since the winery was new to the tour.


We picked up a bottle of their 2009 Riesling, which is our favorite varietal of wine. This brings our bottle count for the weekend to about 7 and we’ve only been to two wineries!

Next stop was Blustone which is also a newer winery to the tour.


At Blustone we tried a pinot noir with a chocolate cherry heart shaped brownie (are you seeing a theme develop…I stopped taking pictures). Both were good and this was our favorite noir so far.

We like Blustone’s tasting room. It’s a building of almost all windows set on top of the hill overlooking the vines.


Next we visited 45 North. There tasting room is nice as well considering the first time we visited we tasted in part of their bottling room. I almost would agree that the first time we visited 45 North was the most fun.



The entire weekend was beautiful, we had never seen the peninsula covered in snow. Every year that we have gone of these tours promised snow, but never delivered.


I sent this picture to a friend who wasn’t on the tour with us. It’s called a redneck wine glass (I later found champagne flutes and margarita glasses). I love novelties like this. Jordan and I listen to country music and from time to time let our inner redneck shine.

We toured 7 wineries the first day and ate dinner at the Mackinaw Brewing Company in downtown TC. We went back to the hotel, took a dip in the hot tub, and settled in for the night.

The next day we set off around 10am to drive to The Early Bird which is a small diner style restaurant in Leland. During breakfast we planned our tour for that day. We started at Good Neighbor Organic where they paired their pinot noir with a ham and bean soup (we had just finished breakfast so I wasn’t all that interested in food, but it smelled amazing).  Jordan and I enjoyed this pinot noir so much that it became our new favorite for the weekend and we purchased a bottle.

Our next stop was at Good Harbor Vineyards. Here we were served Chicken Jalapeno Soup with Trillium, a white wine made from three different grapes.


Our next stop was Verterra. I cannot remember what wine they served us, but I do know their food was awesome. We were served a caramel apple puff pastry with maple moose…so good. This trip to Verterra was interesting, we were the only people in the tasting room that didn’t work their.

We ending up buying one of their dessert wines to add to our collection.


We finished up the tour the second day hitting 9 wineries and the Cherry Republic Tasting room in downtown TC. Our total bottle count for the weekend was 38 bottles. We have a lot of wine to drink before we can go on another wine tasting tour. Which is just fine with me!

Our next wine tasting outing will be the Harbor Springs Wine Tasting festival in June. This is a small casual event held near the water in downtown Harbor Springs. My favorite part about the event is that we can walk to it from the cottage!

Long winded, but it’s two days of jam pack fun! Thanks for visiting!


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