Wedding Planning Season

I’ve always wanted to make wedding invitations to put on my Etsy site, but I was always overwhelmed by the idea of creating invitations without a specific bride in mind. Well my opportunity to create has presented its self!

My best friend Liesl has asked me to create an invitation for a friend of hers so she could see what a hand crafted invite would look like. I think my first attempt turned out pretty well. The first picture is of the whole invite put together, but open so you can see the entire package.


So this sample I just used the information that was on the template, so the names and the event location and time aren’t real, but everyone can see how it would be laid out. I did dry and heat embossing to show the different techniques that could be used. I love the motif from Stampin’ Up’s Manhattan collection.


Here is a close up of both types of embossing in the same shot! I think both are beautiful, but I love the delicate nature of the heat embossing much more than the bold lines of the dry embossing.

And finally the whole package, all tied up with a coordinating belly band to keep the pieces together.


What do you think of my first attempt? I’ve learned so much from this first try and I know everything that I would change or do differently the next time around. I hope that this helps Liesl show off the beauty of hand crafted cards and invitations…next I’m going to make coordinating Thank You notes!


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