Thankful Tuesday

On Monday I got a text from one of my good skating friends Katie (I’ve shared tons of cards I’ve made for her). She also blogs…Visit her at or click on the Take Time Tuesday Button below. I love reading about what she’s been up to or whats motivating her to stay positive. Anyway, back to her text. She’s doing something different on Tuesday’s and invited me to join in! It’s called Take Time Tuesday where she takes time to reflect on what she is thankful or grateful for.

First, I am thankful for this opportunity to link up with such an inspirational blog and friend! Next week I’ll be better prepared to post in the morning and I’ll have a card to share with you…my creative juices are flowing!

Second, I am grateful for my amazing friends and family who have stuck with me through some personally challenging times and who have encouraged me to continue reaching for my goals and setting new ones when needed.

Third and finally, I am thankful for having plans to look forward too! I’m so excited for all the of concerts and sporting events Jordan and I are going to with friends this summer. I’m also thankful for evening having plans this weekend! Jordan and I are going to see our God Sons new baby brother on Friday and then on Saturday we are going out on the town with some good friends. It’s definitely fun having things to look forward too!


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