Squeaky Clean

Something I did when I was skating on the WMU Synchro teams was give cute “Good Luck” gifts to my mentor/mentee’s and bronco buddies. While I didn’t skate this year I still couldn’t break the habit of picking up cute little items for gift giving. I found these cute little plastic bath tubs at Target for $1 and this mini puffy sponges for $0.26…I bought 2 of each color! I went over to Bath and Body Works to pick up coordinating lotion and bubble bath to go inside.


Pretty Pink! Filled with a new specialty fragrance called Paris!


Yellow tub, ivory puff, and White Citrus (Yum!)!


Teal with Moonlight Path…my favorite scent ever!

These would make cute little shower favors or just because gifts…you know something to make someone smile when they are having a bad day or a stressful week. I love finding cute (and inexpensive) gifts and gift ideas AND I love sharing these ideas with others!


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