Ski The Face

Since Synchro Nationals was in Plymouth this year (and I didn’t skate, just spectated) we didn’t have to travel (Plymouth is right down the road), so Jordan and I decided we would go on a mini vacay for spring break. We road tripped it to Lake Placid, NY home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. We skied and snowboarded for two days at Whiteface Mountain and enjoyed all the charm Lake Placid had to offer.


On our first day the weather was overcast, but the conditions were great. We even got to ski through the clouds…how cool is that! Before we went to the mountain we stopped for breakfast as this cute little place called The Breakfast Club! I tried to make everyone jealous by posting pictures of the drinks we ordered and it worked…my mouth even watered when I edited this picture to post!


I ordered the Raspberry Blush Mimosa and Jordan ordered a Bacon Bloody Mary. I snagged a picture/copy of their menu so I can recreate these delicious cocktails at a later date…many thanks to the genius mixologist who came up with all of these yummy treats!


The second day was much clearer and so much better for pictures. This is the mountain as we drove up. I’ve never skied out East, but I’ve skied out West (Vail and Keystone). This is the largest mountain Jordan has ever skied on…I created a monster when I suggested snowboarding early in our relationship!


What a great view! This is what we saw when we got off the gondola at the top of the first hill. Beautiful! I’d go back in a heartbeat, but I think we are planning a trip out West for next year.


Behind us is the summit of Whiteface. I was really proud of our courage and effort to ski from the summit all the way to the bottom several times…one time I lead us on a few too many black diamonds which warranted a demotion from leader to follower. I’m okay with that!

I have two last pic’s to share with you. On our last night in Lake Placid we went to a nice restaurant that we could walk to from our hotel.


This was our appetizer… prosciutto caprese salad…yum! Jordan know’s that if caprese salad is on the menu I’m going to order it, but this time he noticed the prosciutto part first! For my entree I had maple glazed salmon over mushroom risotto and Jordan has tortellini. The biggest point of contention for the evening was of course dessert. I usually like to split a dessert if we get one, but this time there were two must have options.


On the left is Jordan’s strawberry creme brulee and on the right is my tiramisu. Which one looks better? We debated this over and over until our dessert were gone, each concluding that our individual dessert was better than the other!

I’ve realized that my “adventure” post are super long…oops. But we always have such a great time and I want to share every moment…thank goodness I don’t! Thanks for visiting today, come back soon.


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