Take Time Tuesday, Take 2

Today I’m going to share something I’m thankful for and a card that I created. I planned to write this post last night to have it ready, but I was feeling a little crummy still and decided to go to bed early.

You see this week I am very thankful for my loving boyfriend, Jordan, who “nursed” me back to health from the 24 hour stomach flu. On Saturday night in the middle of a great night out with friends I started to not feel very well and after getting sick I suggested to Jordan that I go home to sleep off whatever had made me sick. Turns out I caught our God Son’s stomach flu. Jordan was so helpful and understanding and I am so grateful to have him to take care of me. I learned this morning at 3:30am that he now has the stomach flu. Guess it’s my turn now to take care of him.

On to a more positive note!


I created this card to match the wedding invitation I had made for Liesl’s friend a little while back. I used scrap pieces from the invitation and the same stamp and ink used to create the turquoise flower on the inside. I have a ton of “thank you” stamps, but I thought this one would be the best if I wanted to send out this card.

I’m linking up again today with my friend Katie’s blog. Check her out she’s full of great inspirational and motivational posts. Also visit every week to see what I’m thankful for and what I’ve got to share with you.

Live Half Full


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