I’m Doing This For Me

It’s been two weeks since I’ve rejoined the blogging community so I thought today would be a good day to share my progress on my new and improved goals for the year. For those of you who haven’t seen the post I will recap my goals. I’ve put them into two categories to help narrow things down a bit, first there are my big picture goals- 1: continue my educations and 2: learning to let go, second there are my little picture goals- a: have fun and b: make the best of every situation.


Starting with the progress on my big picture goals.

1-continue my education: As you may have read I am currently taking three classes at our local community college. This summer I have registered to take the remaining 2 courses I have left at the 200 level at our local community college and I have also registered for 2 courses this fall at the 300 level at a near by 4-year university. I have all my ducks in a row and I feel very pleased with my progress. Now I just need to finish this semester which has proved to be my most difficult yet while working full-time. Next I will need to transfer all of my course work from one school to the next and see where I stand.

2- learning to let go: I have made very little progress with this goal…actually I need to be honest…I’ve made no progress with this goal. I’d like to say I will start soon, but its not even on the horizon. Maybe in May when I have almost a whole week off from school I can start or at least plan to start.

I am progressing swimmingly with my little picture goals!

a- have fun: I have had plans every Friday in March! Jordan and I have been spending time together alone and together with friends. We have been having so much fun and we continue to make plans for fun. Upcoming events to look forward to- We have plans with friends this weekend, Jordan’s taking his motorcycle certification, I’m going to a Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, and we have a baptism to attend!

b-making the best of every situation: I have specifically been applying this to my work life, but I will say I was the living embodiment of this mantra last Saturday! If you read yesterday’s post you learned that I got the stomach flu (at first I thought it was food poisoning…not any better) on Saturday and it hit me in full force while we were out eating with friends. We finished dinner and I quietly suggested to Jordan that he drop me off before the next stop. Our friends didn’t even know I was sick until the next day, I didn’t want to ruin the evening. AT WORK…I’ve been making the best of every situation by trying to focus on being positive which can be very trying, but I think that after a brief meeting with my team we have really worked through some of the issues we face on a regular basis and everyone has committed to trying to correct the issues. My fingers are crossed and the glass is defiantly half full!

I’m off to the salon to get my hair done…it’s been nearly 8 weeks. I’m hoping it turns out this time, it hasn’t been exactly what I wanted to last two visits. I never used to be this girl who cared about her hair, but it’s kind of fun doing something for myself.

Thanks for stopping by today, visit again soon for more updates!


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