Classic Congratulations

There must be something in the water! I have needed to make 3 congratulations cards so far this year for engagements. Our friends Chuck and Andrea got engaged a few weeks ago. Jordan and I are very happy for them and look forward to celebrating their marriage. We went to dinner with them last Friday to catch up before they left for vacation. I made this classic black and white card for them while I was thinking of another project (my inspiration always strikes at the worst moments…I have crafters ADD).


I love the way it turned out! Sometimes the simplest cards become my favorites. This also got some of my creative juices flowing so I’m itching to get back into my stamping room (or as Chuck calls it the “kraft kave”).

I have a few cards I need to make this week. I need 1 baptism card and 1 birthday card, but other than that I will be making cards for fun again! I’ve discovered that I get a little anxiety if I don’t have the cards I need made done before I “fool around” with cards I just want made. Hopefully I’ll be able to focus tomorrow and knock out some crafting!

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to sharing some more.


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