Tough Week Ahead

This week is going to be a challenge for me in all areas of my life…school, work, and personal.

School: First tonight at class we will have a quiz. I’m fortunate that we will also be doing review before the quiz, but still it’s adding to my stress and anxiety level. Then tomorrow I have a test over 3 chapters. I did great on the quiz over one of the chapters, but this test is over 3 chapters and I still have some reading to do. On Wednesday I have an essay test which is insane for the subject, but I do what I am told…it’s causing me the most anxiety.

Work: Either today or Wednesday we will have an assessment visit to check that we are in full compliance. My fingers are crossed that it will be Wednesday while I am not there! Needless to say the possibility of any type of visit puts everyone in the building on edge.

Personal: So very excited for Vera Bradley Outlet Sale on Wednesday, but still adds to the stress of making it back to town on time for class (where I will have a crazy essay test). On Saturday I will be hunkered down in the craft cave making invitations and thank you notes all day…Normally I love a day full of crafty fun, but with everything on my plate at the beginning of the week I can’t imagine anything being fun! Finally on Sunday, Jordan and I will be attending Baby Caleb’s Baptism which will be a very nice way to end the week (oh add to the list picking up his gift and figuring out what to wear).


I need to keep this in the forefront of my mind this week. Although I haven’t planned to do anything crazy I do have a large list of accomplishments to get out of the way before I can begin to relax and enjoy my week or rather my weekend. I have a pile of crafty ideas to create which usually takes away my stress, but this week there is no time.

Visit tomorrow for Take Time Tuesday and link up with LiveHalfFull!


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