Take Time Tuesday, Take 4

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I’m starting to look forward to Tuesdays and have really begun to put some effort into what I am thankful for each week. I even try to take photo’s or leave myself notes when I think of something that I would like to share (whether I share it on a Tuesday or not, it’s still good to keep notes/ideas).

This week I am thankful for a routine gym schedule. While I don’t go as often as I really would like, I have made time (in my crazy retail schedule) for a workout twice a week. On Monday nights after class I drive out to Jordan’s and we hit the gym near his house. This isn’t the most ideal time to exercise, but I do find that I fall asleep faster on Monday’s that I do any other night of the week. The on Wednesday mornings before Jordan goes to school we workout at the gym near my house. I must say that it is challenging to wake up before noon on my day off from work, but it’s worth it…I’m 10 pounds away from my first tier goal (to be at the weight I was my first year on the Alumni team at WMU).

I’m also thankful for healthy eating. Two or three years ago I was wandering around Barns and Nobel while Jordan was looking for some mechanical engineering book and I came across a book that stopped me in my tracks. The books cover was fairly plain, but showed a very fit women and the words This is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever)”by Jackie Warner. Naturally I was intrigued…I mean really who wouldn’t be. I wanted to know how this women knew why I was overweight and how to make me thin with out even meeting me. I purchased the book on the spot and began reading immediately.  I learned all about sugars and hormones and how women naturally have a harder time loosing and maintaining weight. So I began following her meal plan (and only the meal plan) and almost a year later I had lost about 35 lbs. I was thrilled! A long story made short, I put back on about 20 of those pounds over the next year because I wasn’t sticking to a healthy menu and I was making meal choices with my emotions. I’m proud to say that I am officially back on the meal plan (I started in early March) and I have added 2 workouts to my weight loss plan. I have 10 lbs to go to get to my first goal and then I have 15 lbs to go to be at my ultimate weight loss goal. I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling. I reference it often and I’ve even purchased her second book, but I find the first much more helpful.

Wow, with that all being said…I’m also VERY thankful for the built in cheat meals in my meal plan! Now lets not get carried away…it’s not a whole day of eating bad it’s just one meal, no more than 1500 calories which doesn’t get you much when you look up nutrition information for some of the food being served out there, but it does allow for a nice dinner out or lunch with friends. I took a picture of part of my cheat meal from last week to share with everyone.


These are truffle french fries from The Jolly Pumpkin and they are amazing. The paper cone holds a million fries that are more than enough for two or three (possibly 4, but we’ve never tried). They are served with a yummy dipping sauce, but are probably the only french fry that can be enjoyed plain. I haven’t looked into the calorie content for these little babies, but I’d almost rather not know. I love The Jolly Pumpkin because all of their food is free-range, organic, and some even vegan. I enjoy their steak salad, which falls perfectly into my meal plan and proves that meals can be enjoyed out of the house you just need to know what to pick.

Alright, this post became much longer than I had planned…oops! Tomorrow is the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale…I’m super excited and look forward to sharing my fab finds! Thanks for visiting today, be sure the check out Katie’s post today over at LiveHalfFull!



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