A Very Vera Thursday

A super quick post here! I want to share with you some of the goodies I found yesterday at the  Vera Bradley Outlet Sale! We are already planning our trip next year!

First the accessories I picked up in my new favorite Island Bloom.


The picture isn’t great, but you can see pretty well. I found a sunglasses case, a curling iron/flat iron cover, small wallet, and a key chain. Because it’s a newer pattern I was surprised to find anything at all.

I also picked up another perfect pocket tote which in my opinion is the best Vera Bradley tote.


I got the tote in Safari Sunset, I already have it in Pink Twirly Birds. And now for the most exciting piece that I got…drum roll please!


The Grand Traveler in Island Bloom!

I have wanted to this bag for a very long time, but the price turned me off (plus I have all the other large travel bags already). Now as you can see in the picture the bag looks pretty full…that’s because it is. I can’t show you everything that is inside because I got a whole bunch of gifts! This was the perfect occasion to pick up some awesome Vera products for some awesome people!

I’ve got some exciting things to share with everyone soon. I’m planning a few different topics to share so check back soon!


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