Take Time Tuesday, Take 5

I won’t lie I had a completely different Take Time Tuesday post ready to go and then the events of yesterday’s tragedy at The Boston Marathon unfolded.

It’s hard to describe what I am thankful for today, but I think many will be able to relate to this post. After reading all of the news links, looking through some very shocking pictures, and watching footage of the attack I was able to come to terms with the magnitude of what happened in Boston, MA on Monday. I have such admiration for all of the civilians who came to the aid of the wounded victims. In many pictures I saw and even the one video clip I watched I saw people tearing down the barricades to help the injured in any way they could. Those images gave me hope that there is still good in the world. I pray that I could be as selfless in such a difficult time.

While I don’t run (due to knee injuries that flair up at the mere mention of running) I am a fan of and a friend to many runners. The community of runners grew last night to include those, like me, who are feeling the weight of yesterday’s attack. I pray for peace to come to those who were immediately affected by this senseless act of violence, along with swift justice to those who perpetrated this crime against humanity. I pray that this event will not discourage or bring fear to the running community and all of the races that have been scheduled, planned, and trained for.

In the end I am thankful today for belief in a higher power and the ability to pray for peace, courage, strength, and whatever anyone needs to get through the tragedies that are becoming common place. I am thankful for a nation that still believes I have the right to pray for those affected in the way that I choose. I am hopeful that all who have strayed from the path that is right and good will find their way back.


Thank you for visiting today. Please visit my friend Katie over at LiveHalfFullBlog.com, she is an inspiration to all and I believe she is working on a way to honor the victims of yesterday’s violence.


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