May Goal Report


I have a quick goal report/recap for everyone today. Big picture goals and little picture goals are all going well.

1-education: I finish up the semester on Monday May 6…unless I take my Business Stats final in the testing center on Wednesday or Thursday, I haven’t decided yet. In the summer I’ll take 6 credits to hopefully complete my Associates and then in the Fall I’ll take 6 or 9 credits towards my Bachelors. I am on the right track for completion…I just don’t know when and that scares me a little bit. However, all of my ducks are in a row so I couldn’t plan anything better even though I am trying!

2-letting go: I cleaned out the spare bedroom last weekend (mostly because people actually needed to sleep there) so I have a blank canvas to start weeding out my closet…it really needs to be done, I have clothing on hangers that does not fit into my closet. I’m off from work for 4 days in a week or two which means I will have plenty of time to begin my purge.

a-have fun: Jordan and I have been having a blast meeting up with friends for dinner and drinks. Also we went to our first Tigers game last week (I’ve took some pictures to share with everyone later this week). I’m so excited for all of the plans we have this summer and I’ve loved sharing our adventures with you.

b-make the best of it: I’ve been making the best of most situations that arise. I’m a little bummed about my job searching not turning up anything substantial, but soon I’ll have my associates and hopefully that will help a bit with my qualifications.

Alright! That’s it for the goals until June, unless I need to change my goals between now and then! Thanks for stopping by!


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