Let’s Celebrate

I have had a super busy past two weeks. Which started with a whirlwind trip to Hobby Lobby with my friend Liesl (who drove up from Cinncinati, OH just to help me make these cards) to pick up supplies to make 24 Bachelorette Party invitations and 38 Bridal Shower invitations. I can tell you if you have never sat down to figure out what kind of supplies you will need to make a larger quantity of cards the paper aisle at Hobby Lobby is not the place to do it! We over bought on paper supplies which can be helpful if mistakes were made or ideas change.


24 Bachelorette’s all put together and ready to go! I had a ton of fun coming up with these super girly cards and putting them together. Between the two of us, Liesl and I, spent about 5 hours cutting all the paper (for both this card and the Bridal Shower invite…that I’ll share in another post), stamping all the images, and putting together the base of the card. Then I spend a couple of hours coloring the main image, gluing on the dress and champagne flutes, and attaching the main image panel to the card.


I paper pieced the dress and champagne flute, which took some time, but I really like the look. Inside (which I don’t have a picture of) is really simple, we just typed up the information and trimmed it to size on a piece of the pink cardstock.

Thanks for much for visiting me today! Check back soon for more crafty posts.

Also this card and cards like this can be purchased at my Etsy site (link to the right) or by contacting me for a quote!


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