It’s Been A While

I’ve been a little busy, so I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately. Here is a quick update…Jordan and I spent two weekends in June with Art and Stephanie at the lake, we also spent a weekend with them and Liesl and Amanda at The Detroit Downtown Hoedown, and finally I worked the last two weekends in a row and now we are planning a trip to Harbor Springs for the Waterfront Wine Tasting Festival.

So I’ll start with Hoedown. I must admit the pictures I took on my phone suck, but I can’t find my cable for my camera…I’ll try to update them once I can locate the cable. This years Hoedown was very different than the year before which was the first year it was at Comerica Park, where the Tigers play. Typically in the past you could go to a Ram or Dodge dealership to pick up shirts that let you into the VIP section close to the stage, but this year you were required to take a “test ride” in order to get a shirt. A very long story short…Stephanie lost her’s…She and Art went to look for another one…She got another one…and we all enjoyed the show from about 10 rows back!


This picture must have been from the second day because it didn’t rain until later in the evening! The weather wasn’t that great on Friday or Saturday, but we were prepared!


I made everyone goody bags that included sunscreen (which we didn’t end up needing), hand sanitizer, pre-game beverages, and ponchos! Which came in handy two of the three days!


The headliners for this Hoedown were Uncle Kracker on Friday, Jake Owen on Saturday, and Joe Nichols on Sunday. While the headliners were great we had more fun watching the bands on the Nashville in the Neighborhood stage. We saw Parmalee who I didn’t know had only released singles, Art and Steph watched Blackberry Smoke, and we all saw Casey James.

We had a really good time at Hoedown and will likely go again, but I am still looking forward to Faster Horses in July!


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