So lately I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed with the busy life I’m living these days.  I am typically very good at setting my sights on a goal and working towards that goal in a nearly tunnel visioned manner. However, as of late I’ve realized that I have about 20 (gross exaggeration) different goals I’m trying to work towards.

I am currently…

  • looking for a new job (I’m super organized and would make a great personal assistant or administrative assistant or human resources assistant)
  • trying to develop/start a small business (try 6 small businesses under 1 umbrella)
  • finishing my associates degree (3 more classes) and starting to finish my bachelors degree (while working full time)
  • attempting to live on budget (or at least lowering my debt)
  • working on my fitness and living a healthier lifestyle (healthier includes less stress…right?)

All while trying to enjoy what’s left of my twenties!

I was browsing the inter-webs the other day (likely while trying to do homework or business research or school related work) and I came across this quote.


Every day since I first read it I’ve tweaked it a little to fit whatever is overwhelming me the most. My favorites are often the mantra’s I use to get me through work and cardio at the gym! I am really enjoying the journey to reaching my goals, but all roads have bumps. I have to remember not to give up and to repeat this phrase whenever I feel like that is the best option.

I’m excited for what my future holds.


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