Getting More Done

So the day after I posted Overwhelmed, I was browsing Pinterest and came across a blog post that would help me get more done in one day without getting overwhelmed. I saw this as a sign and began reading. The Blog is by Nathalie Lussier and the post is called How To Get More Done In A Day.

I recommend reading it if you would like some great tips on how to get more done and not get overwhelmed. I’m going to try out a few of her tips myself and I’ll report back on how it turns out. Her first 3 tips are…Write down the 3 most important things for the day, then do one of those things at a time without distractions or multitasking, and then break down big projects into manageable chunks.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty good at making lists, but I tend to make this super sized like that seems impossible to complete. So tomorrow I’m going to try Nathalie’s way. I’ll write down the 3 most important things that I need to accomplish (read: I’ll pick 3 from my already super sized list) and I take care of them one by one without distractions or multitasking. I don’t foresee any big projects tomorrow because I have to work in the afternoon/evening, but I can look at my super sized list as a big project…right.


I’ll check back in soon…hopefully then I’ll have some creative projects for you too!


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