Love Brings A Fairytale


I could not be more excited than I am today, Pia and Ashal are getting MARRIED!

I am over the moon excited for these two wonderful people and I cannot wait to celebrate their love and commitment! On her birthday, Pia called Jordan to wish him a happy birthday (I think it’s so awesome that they have the same birthday) and we found out that she would be coming to America for good in the middle of August. Pia is from Germany and met Ashal through mutual friends. Originally we thought she was only coming for a visit in August so naturally we were super excited to hear this news. Pia is one of the most kind and thoughtful, fun and energetic people I have ever met and Jordan and I are so proud to call her a friend.

I created this card to express in writing how happy we are for the couple. I used two Magnolia stamps that I had been saving for the perfect occasion. I think this card turned out better than I had imagined. I am so proud to give this card today and wish Pia and Ashal the best life has to offer.

This month has brought so much fun and excitement I’m not sure there is another month that can top it this year!


One thought on “Love Brings A Fairytale

  1. We just saw this Caroline, thank you sooo much again for this adorable card and thank you for being such a wonderful friend. You made our day very special. Love Pia &Ashal

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