It’s A New Year!


This year is going to be all about being HAPPY! Everything that I am going to do this year is going to be about being happy, making the important people in my life happy, and spreading happiness.

Last year I had a few goals which I feel like I accomplished in the grand scheme of things. I’ve been focusing on my education…super exciting news…I only have 10 classes left when this semester ends in April.  I’ve let go of things I can’t control or change which has allowed me to go with the flow a little more…this is something I will need to continue to work on…I’m a control freak!

I had two sub-goals last year as well, which I definitely accomplished. The first to have fun which we did all year! I think we made it to over 7 Tigers baseball games, we saw so many great concerts, and visited our cottage and other cottages all summer long. I think “having fun” will be a sub-goal again this year! The second was “make the best” which is basically a sub-goal specifically for “let go”. I can say that I have made the best out of a very long and complicated situation that I am hoping to be clear of by April.

This year is all about HAPPY! It’s time!


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