I’ve Been Busy

Every time I have a week day off of work I have a super long “To Do” list around the house and down in my craft room. I generally don’t get everything on my list done and it carries over. I always have big plans for planning out my blog posts, but lately I haven’t been able to post as I have planned.

Here are a few things I have been working on:


I had 2 Etsy orders that needed to be filled. Each one of the orders had 2 cards in the order and all of them had to be made from scratch. I love filling Etsy orders and I love sharing my crafts with everyone.

2 of the cards ordered where exactly like the cards listed on Etsy, but 2 of them were completely new and exciting. The first a Graduation card and the second a wedding card.


I like creating custom cards. I also enjoy when customers want to add their own personal touch of their loved ones name or a special date.


I have so much fun coloring these cards. Thanks for stopping by today and taking a look at what I’ve been up too! I’m hoping to have more blog posts to share with everyone soon!


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