Want to See What I’ve Been Up too?

By far 2014 has been my busiest year in such a long time. I started this year taking 3 classes when I normally only take 2 while working. On top of my full time job, part time schooling, and my new demonstratorship with Stampin’ Up! I decided that I wanted to help make my Godson’s 4th birthday party his best yet! He wanted a Paw Patrol themed birthday party, Paw Patrol is a show on Nick, Jr. and I have no idea what the show is actually about!

Because this show is new there wasn’t much (read: any) merchandise available in the party supplies section at any stores around me so I made it all!


In the above picture (sorry it’s a little blurry) I made 21 rosettes for the banner, 40+ rosettes for the cookie cups, 12 rosettes for the center pieces, and several rosettes to hang from the ceiling. The letters in the banner were printed in yellow ink on white cardstock and then I cut each one of them out! I then used foam tape to connect the letters to glittery blue circles I cut out and then attached to the red rosettes.


I made stickers to put on the center piece buckets and on the pinwheels. Also on the tables I made confetti out of pictures of the characters to sprinkle on all of the tables.


On the day before his party my Godson mentioned that he wanted his chair decorated so I had to quickly come up with something cute! I bought silver and green balloons and a green plastic table clothe. I simply cut down the size of the table clothes and attached the balloons to the chair. I also printed a shield of his favorite character Rocky to make his chair more special.

The prep for this his birthday party started just after his little brothers first birthday party in February. We celebrated the last week of March. All of our hard work and planning paid off by making a very specially little boys birthday so special!

I’m planning to show you more of what I’ve been up to since I dropped of the face of the internet!


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