Scheduling Conflicts!

It seems lately no matter how well I plan out my day something always gets in the way or runs over! My entire town is under construction…which might be an exaggeration…but also isn’t when you think about it. Driving anywhere right now takes at least 20 minutes longer than it normally does. With my crazy retail schedule I get one weekday off each week and 2 full weekends off each month so my time for running errands is limited to say the least. I’m so thankful to be on a break from school…it’s only 2 weeks long, but I’ll take what I can get!

I’m trying to get back into a routine of posting, but sometimes I feel like my time for crafting is so limited that I would rather do that than post about it…I’m sure most of you understand that! I have a class/workshop tomorrow that I created 5 or 6 (I’m still creating!) projects for…I’ll try to take pictures of them while everyone is creating them at class so I can post about them…deal?…deal!

I’ve uploading my most recent newsletter under the newsletter tab and I’ll be mailing some out to my e-mail free friends! If you want a copy sent to you by e-mail or snail mail please let me know I’d be happy to send one along! Thanks for stopping by today! 


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