More Mini

At the mini workshop in August we made the cutest Coffee Cup treat holders with little carrier. I ordered some 4 oz. coffee cups with lids from an online restaurant supply store and we were off!


In order to make the base of the box you will need to cut your paper to 6 1/2″x 7″ and score at 1″ all the way around your paper and then again at 2″ on the 7″ sides. Then you will cut 2″ in along the score line on the 6 1/2″ sides creating 4 2″ tabs to be tucked in to create the box. I used a piece of 8″ x 1″ cardstock for the handle which I attached with a glue dot and a staple on each side.

For the cups I simply took on cup apart to make a template to trace on my DSP that I covered the cups with. This was very easy and the only way I could get the correct measurements because of the arc in the cup. We filled our cups with Lindt truffles that were on sale at our local store…yummy!

 If you would like some of these mini 4 oz. coffee cups please contact me. I have a cute idea for them around Christmas, but after that I’m not sure when I would use the quantity I have on hand!

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