New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! The New Year brings change and reflection on the past. Today I’m going to list out my new year’s resolutions and how you can join me! For me there a many exciting things happening this year! Let’s get started:

Last year one of my favorite resolutions was mailing birthday cards! I was diligent and made a months’ worth of cards at the end of the month before so all I had to do was address the envelope and ship them off to the recipient! I’m going to keep this up, but add too it!

Next, at the end of last year I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. Many people use some if his techniques for “Living like no one else, so you can live like no one else”. I was on track to being debt free this year, but I suffered a setback when my almost paid off car was totaled in an accident this summer. Thankfully no one was injured, but another car was necessary. In the next week or so I am going to re-read The Total Money Makeover and get back on track to being debt free by the end of 2016. Which unfortunately means paying off some student loans, but fortunately that means I’m graduating in April!

Finally, I’m going to work to build my business…read businesses! I currently work a full time job, go to school part time, have a Direct Sales business in Stampin’ Up!, make invitations and other stationary on the side, and I want to open an Etsy store devoted to planner accessories! This is an ambitious resolution, but I have plans in place to conquer my goals! I’ve set aside dedicated time for each of these 3 projects and have individual goals for each that will be easily measured for success!

To recap, my news year’s resolutions are:

1-Send birthday cards to friends and family during the month of their birthday. Send thinking of you cards to two people each month. Share handmade kindness!

2-Complete my Money Makeover and become debt free in 2016!

3-If you build it they will come! Build my businesses. Focus on SMART goals and remain consistent and vigilant!

In about a month, I will follow up with how I am doing with my goals/resolutions, but you can follow my journey to success in my 3rd resolution by subscribing to my blog. Each week I will post at least 2 posts about what’s happening with Stampin’ Up! and everything that I can offer as an independent demonstrator! I hope you will follow along!


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