Resolution Redo

It has not been a month yet and already I feel that I need to skew my New Year’s Resolutions. To quickly recap I set goals to send birthday cards to friends and family each month, follow a money make-over, and build my businesses. While my intentions for all are very good I haven’t quite gotten into the swing of things.

January has been a month of transition for me. I haven’t been able to schedule my time as well as I would like to which has left some gaps in my goals. I am making a decision to stop the out of control spiral RIGHT NOW!

February 2016 starts on Monday and I will plan my time better to allow myself to achieve my goals. I will be more realistic about what I can accomplish is a given period of time and celebrate when I can accomplish more than I expected.

I still plan to send birthday cards and other greetings each month, but I must plan those ahead of time. On Friday of this week I will be sitting down at my crafting table to make the 2 birthday cards I know I need and a few Valentines I would like to send. If I am able to finish those I will make a bundle of thank you notes to use during the month. I always think I can get more done in the time I have than I really can which sets up a pattern of failure.

I have set a budget, but I’m not happy with how unrealistic it seems. My income has also been transitioning during January and won’t be set until February. So I’m using January as a trial and error month. In February I will redo my budget to be more realistic while still paying down debts.

Business is booming! Occasions catalog and Sale-a-bration have launched for my Stampin’ Up! Business and I have held two workshops with excellent attendance. I polled the classes to see what types of events they like and when they like the events so I could better schedule workshops and classes. My goal over the next 2 months is to hold at least 4 more workshops.

I have three weddings coming up that I am making the invitations and stationary for. I am super excited for this! Currently I have almost all of the pieces designed, printed, and cut for the first wedding! Unfortunately, I haven’t even begun the other two. My goal for February is to complete the first set of invitations, meet with the other two brides, and be at least half way done with each set by this time. I also need to get samples of my work online…sounds like a good March goal!

I have decided that I am going to hold off on building the Etsy shop. I am maintaining a few supplies and accessories, but I am not going to focus on building…yet! When I begin to build the Etsy shop I will have new branding and new merchandise, but right now I need to focus my efforts in other areas.

I will follow up again at the end of February or beginning of March to see how these slight changes have affected my resolutions.


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