Paper Pumpkin for…


Here is what you do: TODAY, Thursday, June 9th at 5pm EST go to to create a new account. Sign up for a month-to-month subscription using the code ONEDAYDEAL. Your card will be charged around the 15th on the month and your kit will ship shortly after that! When you get your kit and LOVE it, send me an email to order your pre-paid subscription and I will walk you through what happens next!

Want an ADDED bonus? Offered exclusively through me, Caroline Peck, if you take advantage of this deal (ONEDAYDEAL) and LOVE Paper Pumpkin, I will give you $5 off ANY pre-paid Paper Pumpkin subscription! On top of that if you buy a 3 month or longer pre-paid subscription I will give you a code for a FREE month of Paper Pumpkin!

Email, call, sign up for me newsletter, smoke signal, carrier pigeon a message to me if you want more information or need help signing up!


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